The Creation Museum & Ark Encounter Tour

Inspirational & Life-changing Tour!

April 23 – 28, 2018

$1300 pp/dbl

Registration: $200

Single Supplement: $60/night

Departure: Flowood, MS

Traveler Limit: 36

Tour Highlights

The Creation Museum

The Ark Encounter

Major League Baseball Game:

Atlanta Braves v. Cincinnati Reds at the Great American Ballpark


Size of the Ark

Length of the Ark (ft)
Width of the Ark (ft)

 Are you looking for a life-changing tour filled with inspiration and instruction in Biblical Creation and the Global Flood that also features other memorable experiences?  If so, we hope that you will join us on this tour to the amazing Creation Museum and Ark Encounter in Kentucky.  Both of these attractions were created by and are operated by Ken Ham and his ministry called Answers in Genesis.  The 75,000 square foot Creation Museum boasts incredible exhibits, a planetarium, petting zoo, gardens and much more all dedicated to educating visitors on creation science and biblical history.  

The newly-opened Ark Encounter is a life-size replica of the ark that Noah built.  Now considered the largest timber frame structure in the world, the Ark Encounter is 510 feet long, 85 feet wide, and 51 feet high and includes three decks of exhibits within it.  This structure is truly an engineering wonder as well as an incredible testament to biblical history that you do not want to miss!

While we will spend most of our time visiting the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter, we will also stop in Cincinnati, Ohio to watch the Cincinnati Reds play the Atlanta Braves at the Great American Ballpark!  This tour will also feature other entertaining events, great meals and many surprises along the way!

Only 11 seats available!

Coastal Virginia and North Carolina in the Spring

May 20 – 27, 2018

$1950 pp/dbl

Registration: $200

Single Supplement: $70/night

Departure: Flowood, MS

Traveler Limit: 36

Tour Highlights

The Lost Colony

The Outer Banks



Sunday Brunch at Classic on Noble in Anniston, AL

2 two-night stays

 If you love great entertainment and history, then this tour is for you!

Travel up the eastern coastline where the British settled their first colonies in the “New World.”  This tour will make stops at Jamestown, Williamsburg and many other beautiful cities in North Carolina and Virginia.

While traveling through North Carolina, we will make a stop at Roanoke Island in the Outer Banks of North Carolina to watch the famous outdoor drama Lost Colony which tells the tale of the 117 pioneers of the Roanoke Island settlement that disappearedThis show has been performed since 1937 and is considered the nation’s longest-running outdoor symphonic drama.   

This tour will include 2 two-night stays, wonderful entertainment, and great food, including the Sunday Brunch at Classic on Noble in Anniston, AL! 

Only 2 Seats Available!

The Grand Staircase Creation Tour

PDT Signature Tour!

June 10 – 16, 2018

$1975 pp/dbl

Registration: $300

Single Supplement: $80/night

Meet in: Phoenix, AZ

Traveler Limit: 36

Tour Highlights

Grand Canyon

Zion National Park

Bryce Canyon

Biblical Creation tours with Russ and Joanna Miller

Leisure Raft Trip through Glen Canyon

Spend the night at the North Rim

This is a PDT Signature tour that is unlike any other!  Join us as we visit the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, and Bryce Canyon and learn more about Biblical Creation.  Our tour guides, Russ and Joanna Miller, will share proof of a young earth and the global flood as we visit these incredible sites.  If you travel with us, you will have the rare opportunity to spend the night at the North Rim and will also get to take a leisurely raft trip through Glen Canyon.  We have had travelers from 15 different states join us on this life-changing tour, and we hope that you will join us too!   

This tour is

Sold Out!

This tour won't be offered again until 2020!

The Beautiful Pacific Northwest

August 13 – 31, 2018

$4500 pp/dbl

Registration: $400

Single Supplement: $70/night

Departing from Flowood, MS

Traveler limit: 32

Tour Highlights

San Francisco

Redwood Highway

Pacific Coast Highway

Butchart Gardens

Columbia River Gorge

Olympic National Park

Mount St. Helens

This tour is

Sold Out!

Sign up for the waiting list today.

 Known for its natural beauty, the Pacific Northwest is filled with breathtaking views and evidence of God’s incredible workmanship throughout Creation.  This tour could easily be considered any photographer’s dream tour, and you will see why if you choose to come with us.  

Journey with us as we leave Mississippi and head west to the California coastline.  We will take a tour of San Francisco with an unforgettable guide and have the opportunity to see the city through Jesus’s eyes.  Our journey north from San Francisco will ultimately take us up to Canada where we will visit the Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island.  On the way there and back, we will see many quaint towns and spectacular views while traveling along many scenic highways, including the Pacific Coast Highway and the Redwood Highway. 

In addition to our stop at the Butchart Gardens, we will make many other stops at other locations of stunning natural beauty.  These locations include the Columbia River Gorge, Olympic National Park and Mount St. Helens.  While visiting Mount St. Helens, we will learn what a vital role it plays in proving the truth of Biblical Creation and God’s Judgement.  We hope you will join us on this incredible tour that is sure to inspire awe and wonder of the incredible God that we serve through witnessing the beauty of His creation.

Vote for Coats Terrific Texas Tour

Brand New Tour!

September 9 – 15, 2018

$1600 pp/dbl

Registration: $200

Single Supplement: $50/night

Departing from Flowood, MS

Traveler limit: 36

Tour Highlights

George Bush Library

Chip & Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Market and Silos

Texas Ranger Hall of Fame & Museum

The Hummer House

Texas International Speedway

Cross Shield Ranch

This is a new and special tour because we are offering it in honor of Earl and Virginia Coats who have been frequent travelers with PDT. 

Join us as we travel to Texas on this “Something-for-everyone” tour.  Some of the highlights of this tour include a stop at Chip and Joanna Gaines’s Magnolia Market and Silos in Waco, TX as well as visits to the George Bush Library, the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum, the Hummer House, the Texas International Speedway, and more.  We will even get a true Texan ranch experience at Cross Shield Ranch.  We will also attend an outdoor musical about the life of Christ called The Promise which will inspire us all.

Only 12 seats available!

The Maine Way to the Maritimes

Sept. 27 – Oct. 14, 2018

$4250 pp/dbl

Registration: $350

Single Supplement: $70/night

Departing from Flowood, MS

Traveler limit: 32

Tour Highlights

Cabot Trail

Peggy’s Cove

Bar Harbor

Prince Edward Island

Ann of Green Gables


 Visit the enchanted Maritimes with us on a journey of history, entertainment, and lots of beautiful scenery! 

Join us as we travel through the coastal regions of New England and Canada in the midst of Fall’s beautiful colors.  While every tour with PDT is sure to include wonderful food at memorable locations, this tour especially will feature great seafood, including lobster in Maine, as well as a meal with the Amish in Ohio!  Some of the highlights of this tour include the following: Cabot Trail, Peggy’s Cove, Bar Harbor, Prince Edward Island, Ann of Green Gables, Charlottetown, and much more.  This is a new tour—not to be confused with our normal New England Tour.  We hope that you will join us on this new adventure to the New England coastline in the Fall. 

Only 2 Seats Available!

Fantastic Fall Tour

Brand New Tour!

Oct. 28 – Nov. 4, 2018

$1975 pp/dbl

Registration: $300

 Single Supplement: $70/night

Departing from Flowood, MS

Traveler limit: 36

Tour Highlights

The Billy Graham Training Center at the Cove

Concert by the Christian group Selah 

The Biltmore Estate

The Blue Ridge Mountains 

Savannah, GA

St. Simmons Island, GA

 We are so excited to announce that we have a brand new tour planned for this fall!  If you travel with us on this tour, you will still have the chance to “fall in love with the coast and mountains of Georgia” but you will also fall in love with North Carolina, too.  

 Join us as we spend two nights at the Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove in Asheville, NC where we will enjoy a concert by the Christian group Selah.  While in North Carolina, we will also visit the Biltmore Estate and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Blue Ridge Mountains. In Georgia, we will enjoy a two night stay in Savannah in addition to St. Simons Island.  

There are many additional surprises planned for this incredible tour, so don’t delay! Sign up today!

Only 8 more needed to go!

The Twelve Days of Christmas

December 4 – 15, 2018

$3100 pp/dbl

Registration: $300

Single Supplement: $60/night

Departing from Flowood, MS

Traveler limit: 36

Tour Highlights

Glen Eyrie Castle

Madrigal Dinner at the Castle

The Christmas Carol at the Omaha Community Theater

Omaha Symphony’s Christmas Celebration

San Filippo Estate

Woodfield Mall

Cities we will Visit:




Colorado Springs,


and more!

Only 12 seats available!

This is sure to be the Christmas tour of a lifetime!  From Chicago to Colorado Springs, Dallas to Kansas City, and many other cities, we will make a cross-country, Christmas adventure that will be filled with events that you will never forget.  As we travel through ten states, we will see Christmas shows in Branson, Omaha, Barrington, Amarillo, North Platte, Cedar Falls, as well as the cities previously mentioned.   

Among the many Christmas events, we will enjoy a Madrigal dinner and overnight stay at the Glen Eyrie Castle in Colorado Springs.  While in Omaha, NE, we will watch The Christmas Carol at the Omaha Community Theater, and we will also see the Omaha Symphony’s Christmas Celebration with a cast of Broadway singers and dancers.  We will enjoy dinner and a concert at the San Filippo Estate in Barrington, IL.  This venue is home to the largest variety of mechanical music machines and, most notably, a European Salon Carousel called the Eden Palais, dating back to the late 1800s.  

While we spend most of our time enjoying a variety of Christmas shows, a Christmas tour would not be complete without a chance to do Christmas shopping.  For those who enjoy shopping, we will stop at the Woodfield Mall in the Schaumburg suburb of Chicago.  With almost 300 stores and restaurants inside, this mall is sure to have shops and food that everyone will enjoy. 

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