A Message from the Founder, Wayne Barber

In late 2006, as a result of a conversation with Jackson developer, Rodney Chamblee, encouragement from family, and what we feel was inspiration from our Heavenly Father, we began Purpose Driven Tours.  Our first three trips were in 2007. Now dozens of trips and hundreds of travelers later, we have no doubt that what began as a retirement ministry is what we have been in training to do for most our lives!

The tours have changed my life as we have been blessed to meet incredible guides and friends around this great nation that have inspired us with the truths of God’s creation and the Christian Heritage of our country. It is now our passion to share these places, people and truths with as many people as possible. We believe these trips are used to draw many to our Savior and strengthen those who already know Him.

We welcome your calls concerning travel with us or hosting or attending a Stolen Treasure Conference. Purpose Driven tours is a 501c3 not-for-profit ministry and gifts of any kind are tax-deductible but not solicited. At this point neither board members or the founder and director receive compensation for our work, but serve as part time and full time volunteers. Our board is composed of dedicated Christian men who serve in business, education and ministry training.

Believing that God and His called out ones have a real enemy “that seeks to kill, steal and destroy,” we believe that has been done in our day by stealing the precious treasures contained in:

  • A firm belief in the Biblical account of creation and the worldwide flood
  • A firm belief in the Christian Heritage of the U.S. and God’s providential care
  • The teaching of Christian character and morality
  • The wisdom which comes from reading The Bible, great books and biographies

PDT exists to try to restore these stolen treasures through educational and inspirational travel designed to affect the families and churches of our participants.

Fellowship is more than coffee and donuts, covered dish meals or fun tours. It is Christians learning, growing, being challenged and interacting together to become better equipped to impact our world for Christ.

To provide life-changing travel for growing Christians based on travel with wholesome entertainment, great food at unique places, stays at fine hotels, and the best tour guides… all for exceptional price.

Meet the PDT Team

Wayne & Corinne Barber

Bill & Karen Stewart

Bill & Karen Stewart

Nick & Sarah Pearson

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    The tours are pp is per person or is for 2 people ? Please let me know

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